• Vallum Release Notes
  • Vallum Release Notes

    Vallum 4.1.3
    Release Date : 2 Nov 2023

    • Added compatibility with macOS Sonoma.
    • Bug Fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : b822892f713ca2ae2fc871820fe73127
    SHA256 Hash: b22934ea092f06cd4261f5508c230ac4a0a920a9c7fd8ca1f14ebf8e66818114

    Vallum 4.1.1
    Release Date : 26 Sep 2023

    • Bug Fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 492e416a456ddc05f79c7fe5dc54b891
    SHA256 Hash: 8658ad50b41a5a2824ddc2e81320e7c8e0f5f1db9c6ad1a043ee3cbd3014ee7d

    Vallum 4.1
    Release Date : 26 Sep 2023

    • Added compatibility with macOS Sonoma.
    • On macOS Sonoma Vallum needs authorization to access macOS Location Services in order to report current SSID and to provide rules conditions functionality.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : f777297a4667985cb8f34cb73d0f1f32
    SHA256 Hash: 6ae54ce248aeb06c2efd44bdd57433d771a693395904afdec577d0741fc3fd9d

    Vallum 4.0.14
    Release Date : 20 Apr 2023

    • Bug Fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : ed92232303f2f444411921d4b48fc478
    SHA256 Hash: d737bf85cd7cd1c28a0a15110b3695ef1b32f012e691e98636080a966bac8251

    Vallum 4.0.13
    Release Date : 21 Feb 2023

    • Bug Fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : ac16fe99650fc4b4a7b092118b8cd06d
    SHA256 Hash: 0518a1b24882f47894872e72065283d9f2683ce9b22a888faf75ed52e729e401

    Vallum 4.0.12
    Release Date : 17 Nov 2022

    • Bug Fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : c3558126b9f7aed58b4c088ca04d74cf
    SHA256 Hash: b287c0299f1872986051a6f77fc575b9b6b5fe8a7b74cb3c72ea3c397e4f44ab

    Vallum 4.0.11
    Release Date : 2 Jul 2022

    • Fixed localizations issues
    • Fixed bug in preferences controls
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 43613f16b5e6d1902cad167b18c897aa
    SHA256 Hash: 0aa154d3b5cf6c06454275be5ac1904ccadf139efa8a93b175a4f8f86c2b28d1

    Vallum 4.0.10
    Release Date : 13 Jun 2022

    • Added option to disable Packet Filter Provider.
      Packet Filter Provider is a component of Vallum core, AFW.
      Packet Filter Provider tries to determine an outbound connection target hostname even if the original network flow lacks this information. Unfortunately, due to a macOS bug, using Packet Filter Provider may cause issues in some rare circumstances when using third party VPN apps or when using usb-ethernet adapters.
      Packet Filter Provider is now disabled by default when installing Vallum for the first time.
      When upgrading to Vallum 4.0.10 from older Vallum 4 versions Packet Filter Provider will be enabled.
      To enable/disable Packet Filter Provider click the corresponding checkbox in Vallum Preferences -> Filter.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 2a565079acb06d58b11acc1fb0adf2bf
    SHA256 Hash: 5e7d8b3ca38fcf784eb0c9aedbe95ef3d7de5a87c9d5b32c6bb905311c52a32b

    Vallum 4.0.9
    Release Date : 1 Mar 2022

    • Fixed a bug in inbound group matching.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 246297de389831b2e11c98f0534f2b13
    SHA256 Hash: 6fd969d3e211e961227861570d191eba6bc7ffebcf21d55d7ca1cd4c551f4395

    Vallum 4.0.7
    Release Date : 9 Nov 2021

    • Bug fixes.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 66b4b80e7cf5d705f56a3a29b0a99f4b
    SHA256 Hash: 4cec860377cf19eae29b8a963678186968877dceec2837667794f90d23c6cab7

    Vallum 4.0.3
    Release Date : 27 Jul 2021

    • Added option to require authentication in order to modify/disable the firewall.
    • Added option di disable flow's hostname strict validation.
    • Added Italian and Spanish localizations.
    • Bug fixes.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : 2d01b112cc23ef54b3e72258a15452aa
    SHA256 Hash: b193781a78280ae2079df794e3783ea699a01d2aace6d46de44759461a2820c5

    Vallum 4.0.2
    Release Date : 17 Jun 2021

    • Vallum Flows Monitor engine can be disabled to save CPU resources. On Intel-based Macs it's disabled by default.
    • Improved and secured inter-process communication between Vallum, Vallum Configurator and Vallum System Extension.
    • Removed "Network Status" tab, added Network Status bar to Vallum Configurator. This bar on the bottom of Vallum Configurator window displays current connection information such as connection type, status, WiFi SSID, active interfaces, gateways.
    • Improved energy management.
    • Added bandwidth throttling button. This opens Snail app. Snail is free for all Vallum registered users.
    • Bug fixes.
    ZIP file md5 checksum : db26e0bff214832be521f38665158bc4
    SHA256 Hash: 98e634fab5ad22f11cb920476528570123bae2342a1a55f826c4220445531684

    Vallum 4.0.1
    Release Date : 25 May 2021

    • Vallum Flows Monitor is back. Open it from Vallum menulet. Right-click on flows table to display contextual menu and drop/block connections.
    • Filter optimization
    • Bug fixes
    ZIP file md5 checksum : dfb17fb5de86c428b18f0236a75038ed
    SHA256 Hash: 3fa93c4f4d69853634e8f178a77696b2407b2e30bcebee3a7142b92fdd714d85e

    Vallum 4.0
    Release Date : 26 March 2021

    • First release
    ZIP file md5 checksum : decdc09d686812a3aa985f969d5aa746
    SHA256 Hash: 3ddd8b6635c002463b9db2fc9bccf4e3fd9cd35b166f4080475e7ae7725b0ada

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